Serverless Servers

Green apps in the cloud or on prem.

Are you a developer? try docker run cloud .


European Platform-as-a-Service for Kubernetes and Docker

Vertical integration of micro-vms and hardware enables us to deploy Kubernetes at lower prices than competing offers would be just for bare metal.

  • Automated deployment, scaling, and management for your containerized applications
  • Secure virtual networks (VPC) for your containers over WireGuard™
  • Persistent safe volumes on redundant Ceph clusters
  • Free ingress load balancers and free TLS certificate
  • Hybrid cloud with optionally self hosted compute resources

Reducing carbon one bit at a time

Local Renewable Energy
Local Data Centers

Kraud is on a mission to achieve carbon negative compute by vertically integrating carbon sinks

At the current stage, Kraud is carbon neutral, using 100% renewable energy.

Local chart Sink